Bar Restorant Piceri, Kripe & Piper Astir

Rruga "Loni Ligori" Astir, Tiranë, Albania
067 591 9463


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Category: Bar, Restaurant, Pizzeria

It is our job that gives us every day the satisfaction of our customers being treated as guests.
At the end of the day what we do well is that we offer our people pleasure, service and quality.
Experience with different customers is the only focus that pushes us to the perfect.
Salt & Pepper Astir provides the sensation that makes you feel as if you are not sure whether you have come out or have come home.
We always create new things even though it’s hard to be creative when opening a restaurant.
For us, creativity in opening a new restaurant is starting with a new menu.

Address: Rruga “Loni Ligori” Astir, Tiranë, Albania

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