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Want strong, white teeth? Choose the profession of doctors at Dr.Anduela Çurmaku Dental Clinic!
Services offered by Dental Clinic:
• Dental aesthetic interventions are advisable in some cases such as: when the teeth are rubbing heavily with one another, when there are abrasions during improper use of the toothbrush or toothpaste especially where there are chemical erosions associated with eating disorders, when consuming too much acidic foods or drinks and many other cases. In these cases there is a significant loss of dental substance that is already possible to restore through new minimally invasive techniques.
• Therapy: Dental caries is a disease that nowadays accounts for a large proportion of the population. Treated dental caries should be done on time although often these teeth are asymptomatic (do not cause pain to the patient). Treatment of cured teeth consists of several stages: First, local anesthesia for the pain to be treated. Cleansing the carious mass. Cavitation preparation. Insert insulation layer (if necessary). Filling cavities with relevant materials such as composites, amalgam, glasjonomer etc. Nowadays filling with Composites is preferred. Composites are resin-based, color-toothed materials that are strengthened with the help of halogen light.
• Orthodontic treatment can focus only on tooth displacement or deal with the control and modification of facial growth.
• Orthopedics is the dental specialty that focuses on dental prostheses. A dental prosthesis is an intraoral (intraoral) prosthesis that is used to repair (reconstruct) intraoral defects such as missing or partially missing teeth.
• Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry that deals with surgical interventions in the oral cavity. Unfortunately, when a tooth is impossible to maintain because it can be very damaged and the filling is impossible, removal is mandatory
• Professional whitening: Focused on extreme whiteness, “stage smiles” tempt not few patients into such interventions, sometimes even unnecessarily. And as the color of teeth is partly attributed to genetics, hygiene and care also play a special role.
Our staff will welcome you by offering what is best for you!

Adress: Rruga Ali Shefqeti, Tirana, Albania

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