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A description about the business Join Dent:

For some years now I have been prophesying and high quality dental services to achieve tranquility and aesthetics in your teeth.

Who does not want a beautiful smile?

Tooth decay and smile, are essential to feel good. We are all ready for some help from the dentist to get that perfect smile.

One of the alternatives offered to us today is invisual (it is movable, transparent and invisible

Priority in services is not only patient satisfaction but also security.

For this, a process sterilization of all dental equipment is started, starting from the armchair and every dental device that has contact with the patient. The clinic passes into a general sterilization process over 6 months.

This ensures the disposal of any harmful microorganisms. Patient safety is safe in our clinics. Our raw materials in our clinics are part of our service standard. Not just aesthetics but also quality, are important for a high standard of work.

Services we offer:

–   Full diagnostic examiner,

  Pedestrian cosmetic dentistry

  Oral surgery

Tooth removal, residual roots, toothache, consumed teeth, tooth removal to allow for the direction of the apparatus, prostate placement etc. is one of the most prostitute routine interventions

  • Dentist and edodontic dentistry

Simple filling and nerve retraction. The newest and most modern method for dental design.

  • Orthodontics, implantology

The method of building teeth.

Each patient can contact us through phone contacts, websites, instagram, facebook, etc.

Address: Street Bedri Karapici Complex Park and Arts, Tirana


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