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This word includes the examination for the identification of Toxoplasmose-O (different) -Rubola-Cytomegalovirus-Herpes Virus. The test detects the presence of antibodies produced by the mother’s immune system when it comes into contact with these microorganisms provoking a these kinds of microorganisms have an impact on the child in the miter. The TORCH compound is recommended for all pregnant women, and is accomplished by taking a small amount of blood from the arm.

Toxoplasmosis potentially causes damage to the baby if it meets at the beginning of the pregnancy. The most common lesions are cerebral lesions.

O (others like Hepatitis B and C, AIDS) are important to be recognized at the moment of delivery because they pass from mother to child via blood exchange.

Rosemary is an infectious disease that is usually taken in childhood. The biggest contamination risk is in the first 3-6 weeks of pregnancy and it drops in the weeks of 13-18. The biggest ones in the child are those of the eye, the system nervous and heart malformations.

Cytomegalovirus is responsible for delayed mental development, deafness.

Genital herpes passes from mother to child at birth in those cases where the mother presents symptoms in evolution.


With the infertility of the couple it is understood that the couple did not undertake pregnancy after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse. Causes can be female, masculine or both partners.

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