The Castle of Tirana

Kalaja e Tiranës, Tirana, Albania
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The Castle of Tirana is a new promenade that has returned to the capital by offering services of different types.

The castle is owned by the family Toptani, one of the largest families in Albania and the Balkan area, originating from the city of Kruja, which moved to Tirana in the seventeenth century.

Here, citizens and tourists find everything they need to spend their free time with friends and family. The castle gives every visitor the opportunity:

  1. Drink quality coffee and various cocktails;
  2. Find traditional food, truffle dishes, fast foods, organic fruit juices, various cakes, candy, including traditional Albanian jelly candy, to the well-cooked seafood products from experienced kitchen chiefs;
  3. Enjoy Albanian and foreign wine;
  4. Get quality products for yourself and gifts as porcelain items designed as you wish, handicrafts, traditional items, jewelry and silver accessories;
  5. Be part of the cultural and artistic events organized by the Castle of Tirana for days and nights to be as pleasant as possible for all visitors and customers.

The Castle of Tirana is open from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 until the early morning hours for bars and restaurants, and for shops from 09:00 to 22:00.

Adress: Castle of Tirana, Tirana, Albaina

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07:00 - 22:00

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